How to Make It* in life

Jul 6, 2021

*It being an espresso chaga martini.

Everyone’s idea of “making it” in life is different. For some, it’s a bathroom with a window. For others, it’s owning a purse-sized dog or working on Wall Street. Whatever it may be, we all still care, deep down, about the banalities of contemporary life. The very foundational basics that dictated how we lived one hundred years ago—status, power, beauty—are still at the core of life today, but how we achieve these things depends on how we perceive these things.

I used to fantasize about glitz and glamour. Feeling good, looking fabulous, and appearing posh was an appealing concept, but I knew that sensation came with a price. Luckily, when I was little, words of wisdom were bestowed upon me: dream small and the rest will follow.

And so dream small I did. I crossed getting rich and famous off my list. I stopped dreaming about the big job and fancy loft, not because I was told I couldn’t have those things, but because I was told those things were not a good enough reason to live. Instead, I analyzed the small things people did, how they did them, and what those things meant in the grand scheme of things. I decided that I didn’t want to be rich, I wanted to feel empowered. I didn’t want to be famous, I wanted to feel self-assured. 

Enter the espresso chaga martini. 

As someone who was basically baptized in cheap liquor, the espresso martini represents the type of person I always wanted to be. Part coffee, part vodka, this drink combined the two most adult ingredients under the sun. In the slow sip of a delicate martini, I saw sophistication, security, and power. I saw ambient lighting and the keys of a piano being pressed, as mysterious people weaved in and out of the picture. I saw a life that only interesting people got to have. The visual of a flacid, carefree wrist holding a martini as life whisked around them gave me this feeling, this je nais se quois surge of independence down my spine.

How do I explain.

You know the hair flips you see in shampoo commercials, the ones that make you wish that hair was yours? Or how football stars dumping energy drinks on each other after winning a game makes you want to win something, too? It is this feeling I get when I see someone drinking an espresso martini. My idea of “making it” was never a room with a view—it’s a glass cone filled with liquor and coffee. 

Do I drink martinis and wake up the next morning cash rich? No. But do I drink martinis and feel empowered while doing so? Yes. And that’s the point.

In the heyday of DIY culture, the espresso martini is no longer synonymous with expensive cocktail bars, bourgeois fur coats, or skinny cigarettes. Martinis can be made from the comfort of our homes, without a single drop of judgement and with just a few ingredients. We’re here to take your espresso martini up a notch and serve it to you with a twist.

If you thought coffee and liquor was a match made in hell, we’re here to sprinkle in a little bit of heaven: Chagaccino. Below is our favorite after-hours Chagaccino drink. Please proceed with caution.  



  1. Pour your vodka into a glass.
  2. Mix the espresso and coffee liqueur in there.
  3. Stir and sprinkle in the packet of Chagaccino.
  4. Throw it back.

Brandon Renude Chaga Founder

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Julie Pry
Julie Pry is a creative based in New York City. Outside of mushroom coffee prose, Julie likes riding her bike, listening to music, painting, and grabbing beers with the bros.