Matcha Made in Heaven: Iced Chaga Matcha

Jun 1, 2021

We’ve all been there. Just one drink turns into five pickleback shots, texting some guy you met on the internet, and waking up the next day, upside-down, lights still on, a little barf on your blouse.

Or maybe you’ve had a long week at work, and when Friday hits, it feels like you’ve been hit, too, by a bus full of defeat. Even when life is glamorous, life is exhausting. And when life gets exhausting, there are very few things that can lift your spirits and get you through the day. 

Which is why, ladies and germs, we bring to you today a fabulous recipe that can cure those feelings of regret. The lack of motivation you feel in the morning after shaking your ass for six hours straight the night before. The grogginess that fills your brain after a full week of meetings and pointless small talk. All of the things. We (we, as in, this drink), got you.

Cue the Iced Chaga Matcha. Easy to make, easier to chug in one sip (it’s that good).

Drinking espresso and coffee when you’re stressed, tired, or downright cranky can be a recipe for disaster. The cool thing about this beverage is that it’s got layers. Healthy, good-for-you layers that massage the soul, not poke at it. It’s not just chaga. It’s not just matcha. It’s chaga and matcha, smacked together to create the ultimate boost of bomb-tasting antioxidants and nutrients. 

Taking both at once is like a wholesome candy flip, without all the hallucinations and heart palpitations and wooks. Better than peanut butter and jelly. Ketchup and mustard. Water and ice (this one’s a stretch, but you catch my drift).

Chaga and matcha are the Bonnie and Clyde of your intestines. They rob your body of the bad stuff, down to the penny. While matcha is known for its rich vitamins and nutrients that help calm the mind and ease the body, chaga is rich in adaptogens which help the body adapt and react to stress.

Together, these superfoods do a damn good job at reviving even the most drained of party girls and boys, stay-at-home parents, and workaholics. When it comes to coffee-blend alternatives, there’s truly no match for this duo.

Thanks to this recipe, you can be your bad self by night and channel your buttoned-up alter ego by day. The Iced Chaga Matcha is that bitch. There for you, ready to pounce on the haters inside your brain and body. If you’ve ever woken up feeling like you’ve landed in the pits of Satan’s arsehole, this recipe is your saving grace. Here’s what you need and what to do. 


  • 2 teaspoons of matcha powder
  • 2 tablespoons of hot water
  • 1 Chagaccino packet
  • 8 ounces of plant-based milk (Bored of oat and almond? Try these f-i-r-e milk-alternatives from Elmhurst—hazelnut, walnut, and cashew milk is in the building!


  1. Combine your matcha powder and Chagaccino packet. 
  2. Pour your matcha powder and Chagaccino into your hot water. Stir well.
  3. Add your plant-based milk
  4. Add some ice and guzzle that sucker down. 

Feeling fancy? Mix your matcha and Chagaccino with water separately, then layer with your milk and ice for a cafe-quality concoction. 😎

Brandon Renude Chaga Founder

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Julie Pry
Julie Pry is a creative based in New York City. Outside of mushroom coffee prose, Julie likes riding her bike, listening to music, painting, and grabbing beers with the bros.