10 Ways to Make Your Mornings Suck Less

May 18, 2021

Contrary to the headline, mornings in the spring are a glorious thing. That cool, crisp air. The quietness of old folks taking their morning strolls. Raspberry sorbet sunrises and the smell of well-rested trees. There are very few hours in the day when you can enjoy the world, wherever in it you may be, uninterrupted. And it is rare, at least for me, when you can enjoy those few hours and not feel like crawling back into a hole of sedated slumber.

No, I don’t wake up ready to seize the day. I wake up ready to punch the day in the balls and go back to sleep. When I wake up, it’s often too late to smell the roses and catch the early train. The people are up, the dogs have taken their morning craps, and that cool, crisp air is suddenly ripe with tension.

Don’t give in to the bullshit. Weave some of these things into your mornings and watch the rest of your day bloom like a tulip in spring.

Play some Mozart

There’s a reason pregnant people play classical music for their womb-bound babies. That stuff’s a massage for the brain. As you brew your morning cup of Chagaccino, put on this classy playlist and float away into fancy-bitch bliss. 

If classical music isn’t your thing, just put on something classic. Whether that’s an Isley Brothers slow jam or a Dean Martin ballad, playing tunes from another decade can easily take a decade’s worth of weight off your shoulders and make you feel good. 

Consume something meaningful

At the risk of sounding like an old fart, stop spending your mornings on your cell, scrolling the ~inTeRnEt~ when you can get the same rush from a piece of paper. Have a moment with something tangible—the comics section of the newspaper, an article in your favorite magazine, a quick game of sudoku. 

As you sit at the kitchen table or propped up in bed, newspaper in hand, book in-between your toes, whatever the hell it is you decide to consume and however the hell you decide to consume it, just think of all those brain cells you’re deciding not to kill. 

Eat something dank

You’d think eating is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised: nearly 25% of Americans ditch breakfast altogether. So I’m including it on this list. Breakfast is the backbone of the day, and while the Chagaccino helps the body maintain a sustained energy, eating breakfast only boosts that. 
My go-to? Banana with peanut butter or avocado and tempeh bacon with soy sauce, coconut oil, and maple syrup. 

Light up

A candle. Sage. Palo santo. A joint. A fire under your ass. No judgement here. Whatever puts you at ease and gets the good brain waves going. Light. That. Shit. Up.

Get outside of the house

The air inside your home is not the same as the air outside. In fact, according to the EPA, the air inside your home can be two to five times worse for you than the air outside. It’s science. Even if it’s just to take out the trash, buy toilet paper, or do a lap around the block, get outside. Go, get out there. Breathe in, breathe out, and feel the endorphins take over.

If your leg is broken or you’re on house arrest and you can’t leave the house, crack open a window and stick your head out like a dog. Same shit. 

Talk to someone

Before clocking into work, try talking with a stranger. I’m not saying that you should go up to a stranger and ask them about their day, I’m just saying, the smallest interactions matter. Say what’s up to your bodega peeps. Compliment the barista. Ask a stranger where they got their shoes. Negative interactions with strangers can break your day, but positive interactions can make them.

Introvert, extroverts, and everyone in-between, this can be easier (and more enjoyable) for some more than others. As someone who presents as an extrovert but recharges as an introvert, I certainly have my I-love-everyone-everyone-is-great days and my I’d-rather-drink-bleach-than-talk-to-you days. Take this step with a grain of salt. 

Make a to-do list

One that doesn’t revolve around work. What are the things you’d like to get done today, for yourself? Five push-ups? Pick up a can of peas from the store? Finish a chapter of that book you’ve been putting off? Accountability is king. It’s simply satisfying to cross something off a list, no matter how big or small that thing is.

Dunk your head in water

I once dated a guy who kept a giant bowl of water next to his bed. Every morning, he would wake up, roll over, and dunk his head into this bowl of water. He swore by it. Said it made him “ready to take on the day” or whatever.

Although our relationship was short-lived, I learned a valuable lesson, one I’m implementing in this here blog: a splash of water, warm or cold, big or small, beside your bed or in the shower, can be a hugely effective wake up call. Personally, I prefer the shower. 

Move around

Stretch, scream, do a somersault, squat, crack your back. Dance. Punch the air. When blood flows through your body, it fuels your brain. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing when these two are in harmony.

Pour yourself a beverage and chill the f*ck out

While all of these steps are great for making your mornings suck less, let’s get real. Sometimes, it all boils down to a good cup of Chagaccino. If you wanna buckle down and start your day with a morning beverage, one that doesn’t make you feel like a hyena on speed, the Chagaccino is the way to go. Replace any of the steps above with our signature drank and coast into the afternoon feeling calm, cool, and collected.

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Julie Pry
Julie Pry is a creative based in New York City. Outside of mushroom coffee prose, Julie likes riding her bike, listening to music, painting, and grabbing beers with the bros.