Your Guide to High-Quality Chaga

May 3, 2021

By now, you probably have an idea of the amazing health benefits of the Chaga mushroom. More energy, antioxidant powerhouse, glowing skin, and mental agility are just a few of the outcomes of incorporating Chaga into your routine, seen from a variety of studies conducted on our Fungi Friend. But unfortunately, not all Chaga products are made equal.

Chaga Quality, Defined

As everyone wants to get their hands on Chaga (for good reason), that puts our Fungi Friend in pretty high demand. It’s much cheaper to grow Chaga in a laboratory off of just about any substrate (AKA where mushrooms get the goods), like brown rice or oats. Talk about bleh. While that method is great for cutting costs, it also happens to cut the nutrient power of the Chaga. 

All of the Chaga goodness that we know and love are results of the symbiotic relationship between Chaga and the birch tree. Essentially, the Chaga helps the birch tree withstand environmental damage, acting as a band-aid to heal the tree from harm. In return, the tree lends Chaga the potent nutrients that turn into the health benefits you know and love. This relationship between Chaga and the birch tree is an example of nature’s beauty, kind of like a match made in heaven!

Sustainability Sesh

The rich nutrients that the Chaga and birch tree create together takes a lot of time, work, and planning.

Chaga can only be harvested a few months out of the year, so in order to choose only sustainably harvested wild-foraged Chaga, Renude works with harvesters around the world (Siberia and British Columbia) to leave time for wild-foraged Chaga to grow year-round. This ensures that Chaga has time to grow the natural way. Sustainable harvesting also means we leave at least 25% of the Chaga on the birch tree so it can still offer protection and be reharvested at a future date. No labs here!

While lab-grown Chaga can have some health benefits, wild-foraged Chaga is the most nutrient dense superfood on the planet. Even if a product claims to give you that Chaga power you want, if it’s not wild-foraged, it’s not happening. 

Fruiting Body vs. Mycelium 

Another characteristic to look out for in Chaga products is whether the product utilizes the fruiting body or the mycelium of the Chaga. No, I didn’t make those words up. Actually, all fungi are made of these two parts! 

The fruiting body is the external area at the top of the Chaga that eventually spreads spores to make more mushrooms, hence fruiting. The mycelium are the roots, which is how the nutrients travel to the top, kind of like a bridge from the birch tree to the fruiting body.

While the mycelium is the quick and easier way to go, so many Chaga products are providing you with less nutrients, but you still foot the bill. Basically, while the mycelium is going to have some nutrients, the fruiting body boasts all of the nutrients, which is why Renude uses just the fruiting body.

No Crazy Chemicals

The power is in the Chaga, but tapping into those nutrients is harder than you’d think. You can’t just grab a chunk of Chaga and chew on it (say that five times fast). To get the good stuff from Chaga, it needs to be extracted.

There are two main ways to extract Chaga: using solvents and using a natural extraction method. Most Chaga brands go the solvent route, using chemicals like alcohols, ethanol, and even acetone to get the extract. It may be efficient, but do you really want to be drinking nail polish remover?

Extracting Chaga the clean way means zero added solvents or chemicals, only using water and high pressure to get the most out of the coveted Chaga health benefits. While it may not be the easiest method, we go the extra mile to use the best-quality Chaga in combination with premium ingredients to deliver the health and wellness industry’s most trusted healthy latte.

Where to Start

Chagaccino Box Front

Thankfully, the Renude Chagaccino does everything right. 100% of the Chaga used in the Chagaccino blend is wild-foraged in winter, giving you those birch-quality benefits that you expect. Renude only uses the fruiting body of the Chaga, boosting those benefits to their highest possible product possible. Oh yeah, and it’s solvent free and chemical free of course. People like to count calories, but they should be counting chemicals. 

Trust us, you’ll taste the difference. Delish AF!

Brandon Renude Chaga Founder

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