How to Upgrade your Work-From-Home Routine

Mar 15, 2021

It’s hard to believe that the world has been working from home for a year now. We’ve adapted by creating at-home offices and new daily routines, but the day-to-day is getting old with little interaction outside of Slack, Zoom, and the occasional virtual happy hour. If you’re feeling run down and ready for a change, check out these simple tips to freshen up your work-from-home routine! 

Incorporate foods that boost cognitive function

The 3 PM slump is real. Instead of regular coffee that can cause jitters and a caffeine crash, opt for a Chagaccino that offers a steady and sustainable energy boost with adaptogens like cacao and cinnamon to stabilize blood sugar and improve blood flow to the brain. Even better, our single serve Chagaccino packets makes it easy to tackle your afternoon tasks with 750 mg of Chaga per serving!

Take a proper coffee break 

Most employees working from home are missing the community aspect while we’re detached from the office and company culture. Coffee runs, lunch breaks, chats by the water cooler all seem like a thing of the past, but integrating afternoon coffee or lunch break with your nearby coworkers is a safe and effective way to feel connected to your colleagues while awaiting the day to reconnect in the office. Small businesses love your support during these hard times, and value your business more than the big chains. With shops across the United States serving up Chagaccinos, check out our store locator to find our favorite shops in your area for a midday pick me up!

A proper playlist is key

Here at Renude, we run on Chaga and music. Whether our team is out and about visiting local shops serving Chagaccinos or working from home, we always have a playlist in the background to keep us motivated. It’s known that music not only acts as a form of entertainment, but it’s proven to enhance mood, reduce stress, and increase creativity. Scan our code below to check out our playlist with picks from the Renude team!

Upgrade your work-from-home wardrobe

It may be hard, but changing out of pajamas when starting work tasks can make all the difference not only in productivity, but more importantly, boosting your mood and making your day-to-day routine feel less drab. Check out our brand new, limited edition merch perfect for upgrading your WFH look.

During these times, it’s as important to take care of our minds as it is to take care of our bodies… the Chagaccino makes a great addition to your WFH routine supporting you mentally and physically. Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite ways to change it up when it comes to working from home are. 

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