Healing My Gut with this Iced Chagaccino Recipe

Feb 26, 2021

One of my resolutions for 2021, and every year for the past few years, has been to clean up my diet to help with digestion issues, and to feel better in general. I was taking probiotics, but it didn’t seem to help. I was still plagued by bloat and sluggishness, and since the gut is the body’s second brain, I knew it was time to listen to it, and make some changes. When I was thinking of ways I could do so, my first thought was my morning cup of coffee. 

My favorite iced mocha from Starbucks is filled with sugar, not to mention all the dairy that has been the root of my stomach issues in the past. After cutting that out and opting for a healthier Americano, I was still missing the sweet and creamy mocha. Lucky for me, the Chagaccino has been the perfect substitute for my mocha cravings, without any of the sugar, dairy, or additives. Whether you prefer a paleo, keto, or vegan diet, or if you’re just wellness obsessed, the Chagaccino makes the perfect addition to any morning routine!

The Chaga mushroom acts both as a prebiotic and probiotic, and has been consumed in the form of steeped tea for thousands of years to treat viral and bacterial infections, gastro-intestinal disorders, and even more serious illnesses and diseases. Adding an effective dose of Chaga by implementing the Chagaccino into my daily routine was an easy upgrade that’s not only beneficial for my health, but delicious AF!

Once I started introducing the Chagaccino into my morning routine, I quickly fell in love with not only the flavor, but the benefits and ingredients that I can feel good about starting my day with:

The Chagaccino takes me under 5 minutes to make, and only requires two other ingredients to create a café-quality latte at home in three easy steps (instructions below). If you try making this at home, show us what ya got by posting to IG and tagging us @drink.renude! No matter what your Chagaccino does for you, we want to hear! 


  • 1 Chagaccino packet
  • 2 shots of espresso
  • 1 cup of your favorite plant-based milk
  • Ice

If you’re going for a creamy, decadent Chagaccino, similar to a drink you’d find at your local coffee shop, it’s important to consider the milk you choose. I use oat milk for a creamier latte, but almond, coconut, hemp, and even cow’s milk taste great! Among my favorite plant based milks are Califia Farms Barista Blend Almond Milk (the tastiest), Trader Joe’s Original Oat Beverage (the most affordable), and the Malk Organic Almond Milk (the cleanest). We love the versatility of the Chagaccino, so feel free to try different options to find your fit!


  1. Mix Chagaccino packet with hot espresso and stir to dissolve (like you’re making a matcha latte)

2. Add desired amount of plant-based milk to the espresso/Chagaccino mixture. Oat and almond milk are my go-tos, but use your favorite!

3. Add to your glass with ice, stir to chill, and enjoy! Also can be enjoyed hot with steamed milk (link here for our how-to!)

Have funnnn!!

Brandon Renude Chaga Founder

About the Author

Miya Mukai
Miya is ReNude’s Seattle-based sales rep and staff writer. When she's not talking about mushroom coffee, you can find Miya catching a local sports game, spending time with family, or unwinding with friends over happy hour or a game night.